Sunday, 24 July 2011

To the castle!!!

I took one look up at this;

And one look down at these;

And thought I'd never make it. But I did.

And the views from above were well worth the effort.

Rolling fields of yellow and unusually lush green for this time of year, topped by the palest turquoise sky and fluffy puffs of grey and white cloud. This is the South of France at it's most picturesque.

Normally in mid July, it would be about 40 degrees C here and the sun could fry an egg on the patio! This year, it's maxed at 20c (that's if we're lucky) and it's rained every day! My bikini is gathering dust in the bedroom while I wear holes in the only cardigan I brought with me! The weather hasn't stopped us getting out though, Grandad is enjoying playing tour guide and driving us all over the region to my favourite towns and villages.

I went to Auvillar on the first day to visit a little shop I love that sells all kinds of handmade soap and perfumes as well as lovely old perfume bottles and metal plaques with old French food and soap adverts on. It's very 1950's and I love it.

We visited Nerac for a walk along the river in the rain and came across a falconry show where we stood, sheltered by the trees, and watched for half an hour.

I've had lots of cuddles and long walks along the canal to Moissac, the nearest town, with this sleepy boy:

The weather has been so bad my camera has barely seen the light of day so I don't have much to share with you. I did see a couple of butterflies mating in a puddle by the canal though - every cloud... or something?

Location:Mont Segur, South of France


  1. So pretty! What a fabulous hike to enjoy! Take care, Kat! Hope you are well!

  2. The weather has been crazy here too. We will be lucky if any of our tomatoes every ripen! Love the photos, I clicked on them to see the beautiful hills. Have a great time! xxoo

  3. I've never beeen there! I have to go. Have a wonderful time, Kat.