Wednesday, 27 July 2011

High in the sky

There was a break in the storm clouds today, the sun came out and the temperature finally exceeded 18 degrees!

We took the opportunity to drive up to one of my favourite places; Cordes Sur Ciel (Cordes in the sky). A mountain top medieval looking village which is often surrounded by a sea of clouds, making it look like it's a floating island in the sky. Not today though, the sky was blue!

It was another steep walk to the top, with breather stops at various photo vantage points and quaint little arts and crafts shops all the way up.

At the top, there are lovely cobbled alleyways and a covered square displaying textile banners depicting different medieval scenes.

There are a lot of crafts people living there so it's not unusual to see unusual things hanging outside people's shops and houses.

After Cordes, we stopped at another of my favourite towns, St Antonin. The walk into the town is by far the best bit - a lovely bridge over the river dripping with flowers and framing the view of the gingerbread town on the other side.

I love the little river gardens and sunken boats, the faded blue shutters and red and brown speckled roofs.

The stone used in the houses has an ever-warm glow, no matter what the weather. The town always looks like it's inviting you in and is very popular with tourists and ex pats alike.

It's certainly popular with me.

Location:St Antonin, Cordes Sur Ciel

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  1. All of the photos are nice but the bottom one is my favorite...So glad that the weather finally broke for you! xo