Monday, 3 January 2011

Postcards from a bygone time

I love to see old photos, especially grainy black and white holiday photos from the days when going outside your home city was considered a holiday. My Grandma always used to say "Why would anyone ever want to go outside Britain? Britain is the most beautiful place on earth!"

This handsome couple is my wonderful Nan and Grandad in law in Bridlington. Nan went to Bridlington every year with her parents and then continued to go when she got married.

When my mother in law was about four years old, Nan said "If I have to walk down that street again I'll go mad!"

So then they went to Paignton!

This was taken at Fairy Cove in Paignton

As the years went on, they got much more adventurous and went to places like Devon and Cornwall - even Spain and America later on!

I love this picture, they just look so happy. Nan can't remember where it was taken but doesn't think it was Bridlington!

These photos will be between 55 and 60 years old now but I bet the memories still feel like yesterday.

I will share more old photos another day. I would love to hear some travel stories from your families as well and see pictures if you have them. Please get in touch!


  1. I LOVE these photos and the story behind them! We used to live near Paignton - I felt like I recognised the rocks...

    Our Son 1 aims to be a world traveller too - perhaps he can write a travel story for you one of these years!

  2. What a fun blog! I am excited to read that you are off to a great start this New Year! Your amibiton is invigorating! Good luck on the submissions! xx