Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dreaming of travelling

What do you think about to help you sleep at night?

Since Christmas, I've really got out of my sleep routine and found myself lying there wide awake at 3am thinking about work (of all things, I know!)

The other night, to try and relax, I put myself back in a place I love. I thought about what I could see, how I felt, the sounds I could hear... and straight away, I felt my shoulders sink into the mattress, my breathing started to slow down and become more deep, I felt the weight leaving my body and start to slip into sleep.

I was thinking about Iceland.

About a waterfall we visited called Gulfoss.

I thought about the roaring of the falls thundering through my head, the sound of the snow creaking under my feet and falling all around me.

Icicles hanging from the wooden railings.

The thick mist from the water settling on my eyelashes and freezing until I could barely open my eyes anymore.

Leaning over the edge and looking into the deep emerald water, imagining how cold it must be, and how deep.

Feeling that I was nothing more than a tiny pin on this huge earth, breathing in the cold air and feeling life spill into me.


  1. Beautiful photos. I am showing my ignorance by asking if many people live there?

  2. No, not many people at all.

    There are 319,000 people in the whole country, around 200,000 of those live in Reykjavik! Sheffield, the city I live in, which is one of Englands smaller cities has 547,000! Iceland is 39,770 square miles and England is 50,346 so not much bigger for such a difference in population! just proves how over crowded we are!