Monday, 29 August 2011

All weather training

Second week of Nepal training and we ticked off 'cold and wet' from our list of all weather training.

We drove out to Stanage Edge, just near Hathersage with high hopes of a sunny afternoon. When we got there, it was freezing cold and windy... but dry. Heavy grey clouds threatened rain but we hoped we might get away with it.

There was a nice steep hill to climb and plenty of boulders to scramble around on. The climbers were out in force. I watched for a while as I pulled myself up the incline, feeling my chest tighten all the way (I hope I get past that or I'll be useless at altitude!) I'm not quite sure what they get out of it - for a start, it must knacker your finger nails, but aside from that you always have your back to the nice view!

The view is much better from the top!

Maddie and I had a climb around through some of the boulders to check out the view on the other side. Maddie seemed more interested in whatever she could see below... probably a sheep.

We got about an hour of dry before the wind started blowing in the big dark clouds, the sky started to sink and the rain started.

We tried to carry on for a while but in the end, it was just to wet and the cold wind was nipping at our noses so we decided to head back down to the car. As we got back down to the bottom, one last look back up the hill showed the fine mist of rain on the wind that we had just walked out of.

Better weather next week? Let's hope so!


  1. Maddie is such a good sport all of the time, going along on all of your adventures, what a great pal! xo

  2. Kat, where are you? Please drop me a note and let me know you are O.K.! xxoo