Saturday, 16 April 2011

Moving on... Summerland

Due to a real lack of soundproofing in the hotel in Vancouver (with a roudy bunch of old ladies on one side and an over-amorous couple on the other - think Meg Ryan in 'when Harry met Sally' and then raise the volume until the remote explodes, a bit like that) we've had very little sleep over the last few days. This morning I was up at 4am and out taking photographs of the sunrise by 6.

On the first night, we had noticed a really nice scene down one of the main streets; all lit up with neon signs with the snowcapped Rockies in the distance, highlighted by a setting sun. I was way too tired that night to go back for my camera so I planned to go the next night instead. However, the clouds were too low over the next two days to even see the Rockies so I thought I'd missed my chance. But this morning, there they were in all their glory.

I set up my tripod at the side of the road, entered a nice slow shutter speed to catch the movement of the traffic and got snapping.

Since the Canucks victory the other night over Chicago, all of the buses have had "Go Canucks Go" emblazoned across the front of them so when I saw this one pulling up at the lights, I took my chances, ran into the middle of the road, plonked my tripod down, got the picture and then quickly darted out of the way as the lights changed.

After breakfast, we picked up the hire car and set off for Summerland. It was a beautiful scenic drive, mile after mile of rolling hills and craggy mountains. The sun was out but there was thick snow everywhere, about four foot at the side of the road in some places.

The hotel (Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa) perches right on the edge of the lake, with the yacht club jetty right outside our window.

The receptionist must have liked the look of us because we got upgraded to a studio room with a corner balcony looking out on the lake and pool - absolutely huge room with a full kitchen, dining area, very posh bathroom, massive bed, 3 piece suite, 32 inch telly and DVD player, and a log fire!

I could quite happily live here - I can see myself sat at the dining table with a hot chocolate and my laptop, writing this blog while watching the boats sail by.

There isn't a lot to do here so we're just enjoying the time relaxing with a good book before we have to do the 7 hour drive to Banff tomorrow.

Location:Summerland, Canada

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