Monday, 1 January 2001

Brilliant Banff

In England, if your SatNav announced "in 173 miles, turn right" you'd let out a groan, aside from the possibility of driving off the end of the country, you'd be in for a very long and boring drive!

Not in Canada.

In a seven hour drive, with 173 miles of it on the same road, we drove through torrential rain, hail, sleet, sunshine, a blizzard, low cloud. We saw lakes frozen solid, roadside toilet buildings buried up to their roofs in snow, wild deer and two baby bears.

We even drove across time zones. That's something I've never done before!

We arrived in Banff just as the light started to fade. It's a very quaint little town, just a couple of streets lined with log fronted shops, hotels and restaurants. The sapphire night lit by all of the little shop windows, soft white flakes the size of dollar coins falling around us and resting on our eye lashes, it felt like we were walking through the scene of an old fashioned Christmas card.

Location:Banff, Canada

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  1. It sounds like you are having a grand time. Your photos look like Oregon and Washington. So happy that your trip is turning out more enjoyable than the first day. xo