Monday, 21 March 2011

Will you wigwam?

I'm off to British Columbia in Canada in a few weeks and was reading about an Indian reserve where you can spend the night in a wigwam looking up at the stars through the tipi holes. Oh what bliss.

I went running to the Internet, bank card flapping in my hand, ready to book me a night as an Indian... But, alas, they don't open until June. I am inconsolable.


  1. I read the beginning of your post and said out loud "OH, No Kat!! You won't be having a good time in a Wigwam in April"!! Then I read on. So sorry for your disappointment but it is for the best..Bet you can hardly wait to get packed and ready for your trip, snf you will have so many fun things to do. xo

  2. That would be such a cool experience. I love your adventures! Can't wait to hear about your trip. xx